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vfx trainees

barra O'Connor

Barras CV is quickly expanding with one big film after another on his list! Having qualified as a film editor, he is not only skilled in the technical aspects of the cuttingroom, but has quickly developed skills as a trainee wrangler and Witness Cam Operator. Always standing by, reliable, and interested, he comes highly recommended!


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marie hourigan

Marie started out in theatre production and jumped into the role of VFX PA in 2019 with passion and interest. A fast learner and team player...and is always the first in the office!


abby Greene

Abbeys background is in creative media, and has recently appeared on the VFX scene as a PA/Wrangler Assistant on Disneys "Disenchanted". Abby is reliable, extremely keen and enthusiastic...keep an eye on her, she will go above and beyond to complete any task without question in her eagerness to learn.


fionnuala McCormack

Fionnualas skills in digital photography and background in TV and editing, lead her into the area of VFX in 2021 on Disneys "Disenchanted". She proved her skills using the Roundshot and became the VFX texture photographer for the film. She is reliable, curious and technically skilled as a PA and VFX Photographer


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