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VFX guild of Ireland

"The purpose of a Guild is for members to learn and share ideas, but
also to standardise ways of working, or even to apply some forms of

A well organised guild can maximise the meeting of your needs.
Brainstorming is a good opportunity for the Guild to exchange ideas
and come up with creative ways of doing things. By working together
the guild members can find the solutions that work best.
Guilds are important because they help set the standards and allow
each member to be heard and have a hand in decision making for
their department."

Extract from Screen Guilds of Ireland Guild Guidebook







Who can join?

If you are Irish, or are working in or are hoping to work in VFX in Ireland as onset crew or as digital artists IN Ireland and Northern Ireland, then you are welcome to join! Also if you have an address or base in Ireland/Northern Ireland but regularly have to travel for work, youre welcome.

This will be open to discussion when we form a body of people wanting to be part of this discussion among other topics!

Why cant anyone join?

The Guild will operate under the Irish shooting system, linked in some ways by SIPTU. It will also offer an opportunity for those based here to give opinions on this system, education, skills and training etc. So priority should be given to those whose main income from VFX work is through Ireland. If you live and work in another country, then think about setting up your own guild where you can create similar discussions within your area. 

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