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vfx technical crew

jack daniel mcnamara

Jack started out in the Video Assist Dept

and transferred his technical and software skills to the

VFX dept in 2019. With his persistence and passion,

he was solely responsible for engineering the first

360 degree photogrammatory rig in Ireland. His interests

lie in data wrangling and photography. 


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stuart mackey

Stuart spent a brief stint as a data wrangler

and his photography skills sent him into the world of

photogrammatorty and set surveying.

He is also skilled in the world of post

production since training in graphics

and motion design.


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fionnuala McCormack

Fionnualas skills in digital photography and background in TV and editing, lead her into the area of VFX in 2021 on Disneys "Disenchanted". She proved her skills using the Roundshot and became the VFX texture photographer for the film. She is also highly experienced in Witness Cam Operating. Fionnuala is reliable, curious and technically skilled as a PA and VFX Photographer


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